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Blind LED lighting


I honestly believe that a design should be more important than a designer. Therefore, ZOON is representing not only myself as an individual, but a range of associates in various fields of a creative process. The idea of ZOON stands for any kind of creative process and will engage various designers, artists, ingenieurs and technitians.

ZOON design has intention to cover the fields of product and interior design in minimalist and fresh manner.
Solwing problems and purifying the solution, finding the best posible in estetics, functionality and ergonomics on time and on budget. ZOON offers services in various stages of creative proces. Wether You need a partial solution, ideational sketches, conception, illustration or total design, For product and interior projects we also offer other fields of design such as graphic, illustration, 3D visualisation and photography.
You can turn to ZOON via freelance contract job, short term internship or just for consultation.
In ‘who we are’ and ‘links’ section You can find few designers, artists and others that succesfully work with ZOON.

ZOON in ancient greek means ‘whole living univers’.








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