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Jesper Eriksson transforms material, making marble from coal

Jesper Eriksson transforms material, making marble from coal. The London-based artist has created furniture as well as a series of other material applications using coal. In his installation “Coal: post-fuel” the designer explores a speculative future of the sedimentary rock whilst considering whether this cheap and dirty fossil fuel has a more complex emotional significance. Synonymous with…

Put a XMAS Note under the tree!

Have you made Christmas gifts? If the answer is “no” here’s a creative solution for you: Put a XMAS Note under the tree! To help you warm relationships with friends and good wishers A Note To Note project creates a funny and original gesture to avoid the Christmas useless sweaters. Basically all you have to…

Ogilvy’s creative team collaborates with World Afro Day

Ogilvy‘s creative team collaborates with World Afro Day. These two realities partnered up with Wavemaker for a new awareness campaign titled Change the Facts, Not the Fro for World Afro Day 2018. The annual event founded by Michelle De Leona aims to help change the narrative around natural Afro hair. Back…

A full-scale fabric replica of Do Ho Suh’s New York apartment

A full-scale fabric replica of Do Ho Suh’s New York apartment is on view at the Brooklyn Museum from now through January 27, 2019. Made from translucent nylon fabric and meticulously hand-sewn, “The Perfect Home II” continues the artist’s study of mass global migration, the process of finding a home, and the…

Vanessa Barragão’s rugs depict diverse underwater ecosystems

Vanessa Barragão ’s rugs depict diverse underwater ecosystems using recycled yarns and creating intricate tapestries of ecosystems by hand. Studio Vanessa Barragão is a design studio focusing on the artisanal techniques and wasted yarns from the industry to produce textiles and products for interiors. Growing up in the seaside, her connection to…

EyeBuyDirect glasses re-frame your world

EyeBuyDirect glasses re-frame your world turning everyday situations into surprising explosions of life and colour. For that project, the motion graphics studio ManvsMachine has nestled into a new area of animating: character design. Originally, EyeBuy Direct’s “EyeBuyGuy” was a “fun animated character who would pop up in the live action spots…

Christmas Shop Illo Studio Feel Desain
Make Your Christmas A ILLO XMAS!

If you’re looking for colourful, playful and handmade Christmas presents, Illo’s temporary online shop could be the answer. The ILLO XMAS mini market is a fun studio project created by (check it out on, open until December 18th, where Illoers have been free to play with their most…

Punanimation, a brand new collective based in London

Punanimation, a brand new collective based in London, represents a directory of women, trans and non-binary friends working with animation and motion graphics.   Everything began in 2015 when three animators, Bee Grandinetti, Hedvig Ahlberg and Linn Fritz, found themselves in similarly frustrated boats. Working in male-dominated studios, female role models, and…

Christmas Gift Ideas: Feel Desain Tips

Christmastime is near and the struggle for presents too. To help you we wrote a guide with some product recommendation! So sit back, relax and take a look at some secret santa presents choosen by Feel Desain. Myro Deodorant (USA only) | 10$ We already talked about Myro the refillable…

Camouflages Herself Into Floral Wallpaper And Fabric

Peruvian artist Cecilia Paredes camouflages herself into floral wallpaper and fabric for her photographic serie called “Landscapes”. For each portrait, she meltes her body with fabrics on the background becoming part of that landscape as well. Her torso, arms, and face fade into the background, as the curvature of her body and…

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