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Jack Samels’ wonderful series collages

Jack Samels‘ wonderful series collages came about from a desire not to overthink the process and instead just do. He describes his paper artworks as gestural, his cutting action emotional and quick. “I just get excited!” he says. “I think the gestural nature of physically cutting helps arrange the pieces…

Small Shaped Elements Compose A Monolithic Sculpture

Rob Ley Studio created a small shaped elements that compose a monolithic sculpture titled Ambiguous. This piece takes inspiration from the similarities seen when studying various forms that mark the beginning of life. The conceptual approach for this public artwork is based on the Education Center’s interpretive theme that “small things…

Abandoned Factory Becomes A Skatepark And Youth Centre In Denmark

In the city of Viborg, Denmark, studio EFFEKT has transformed the former windmill factory – the Streetmekka Viborg Build – into a skatepark and youth culture. The 3,170-square-metre building offers a wide variety of facilities for self-organised sports, as well as social spaces for local youth. These include a huge skating bowl, basketball courts,…

Bologna Design Week 2018 And The New Cà Marsala District

From September 25 to 29, a new edition of Bologna Design Week will take place in the capital city of the Emilia-Romagna Region in Northern Italy. Shows, design exhibitions, workshops, competitions, events, guided tours, design talks and theme discussions on design cultures, fashion & design, and design food will be…

Mural Art Project Called “Pillars Of Sabah”

“Pillars of Sabah” is the new mural art project by Red Hong Yi and Jared Abdul Rahman. Thirty local artists have created a Sabah-themed mural located at the Sabah Street Art Gallery in Malaysia. Each artist – of diverse ages, ethnicity and art styles – has to transform this abandoned downtown site into one that celebrates…

Ambiguous Is Open-Air Architectural Spaces

Italian artist Massimo Colonna titled his new project ‘Ambiguous’. It’s a series of four digital renderings of open-air architectural spaces featuring puzzling visual elements. The four images are inspired by exotic landscapes with sharp geometric lines and feature four different subjects: a cat, a ladder, a statue, and a clothing line with a…

Reshaping The Urban Landscape With A Monumental Public Sculpture

At Philadelphia’s Dilworth Park, artist Janet Echelman is reshaping the urban landscape with a monumental public sculpture that reacts to the surrounding environment. ‘Pulse’ emits vibrantly colored mist curtains that fluidly move across the park’s fountain and trace the footprint of the passing trains below. As SEPTA trains traverse beneath, 4-foot-tall…

Seville’s Casaplata restaurant is inspired by Giorgio Morandi

Spanish studio Lucas y Hernández-Gil developed both architecture, furniture and graphic design for Seville’s Casaplata restaurant. The inspiration came from the subdued paintings of artist Giorgio Morandi when creating the greyscale interiors of this restaurant. Casaplata is located in the city centre, and belongs to a pair of young restaurateurs who…

Latin American Design Festival 2018

Latin American Design Festival 2018 has now a beautiful new identity created by IS Creative Studio, Peru. For the design of the 4th edition of the Latin American Design Festival, the studio applied two rules, only use two colors and only use two typefaces.     Celebrating 4 years of LADFEST, IS came up…

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