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Wearable smartphone docking system | CELLTACK

Wearable smartphone docking system | CELLTACK Feeldesain14

CELLTACK is the first wearable smartphone docking system. Designed as functional jewelry for your hand it works perfectly with iPhones and other smart mobile devices. Every ring has its individual signature. We use this for the magnetic distance and presence recognition. Driven by the idea and...

26.8.2014 | Gadgets | by

Phonebloks | The modular smartphone


Electronic devices are not made to last. “With this sentence, inserted in an equally eloquent video, the designer Dave Hakkens submitted to Network a project as weird as palatable: Phonebloks, modular smartphone. How Hakkes explained in the presentation, we are often forced to get...

19.9.2013 | Concept, Design, Video | by

ADzero | Bamboo Smartphone Concept


AD Creative is a young vibrant design company operating in the UK and China. Founded by UK designer Kieron–Scott Woodhouse and China based Jerry Lao, AD Creative is at the forefront of developing innovative designed products by “Reinventing Simplicity” The AD team meticulously designs every aspect...

12.7.2012 | Concept, Design | by

Smartphone Notebook


The Smartphone Notebook 2 from the Korean studio Nothing Design Group integrates your iPhone with a notebook – but I’m not talking about a laptop – it’s a paper-based notebook that has a special notch carved into all of its pages so that your iPhone can...

16.3.2012 | Design | by

LomoKino Smartphone Holder


LomoKino Adapter Lets Your Phone Capture 35mm Movies Without an App In addition to still cameras, Lomography also makes the LomoKino which lets retro enthusiasts capture 35mm movies in all their scratchy, grainy glory. But sharing those creations isn’t easy, at least without this smartphone adapter which lets...

24.1.2012 | Photo, Video | by

Unlocking Doors with Your Smartphone


Using your smartphone to unlock the door is just one of those good news many people have been waiting for. Technology is already accompanying us everywhere, so why not let it unlock our doors? The Lockitron technology promises to make our daily lives easier by...

18.7.2011 | Video | by

LG – Smartphones Race

Un simpatico spot comparativo realizzato con la tecnica dello stop motion mette in competizione il nuovo Optimus Black di LG con altri smartphones top di gamma di vari produttori. Nel video lo smartphone basato su sistema operativo Andorid è impegnato in una sorta di...

6.6.2011 | Advertising, Design, Video | by

The Ultimate Last Minute Xmas Gift Guide


If you’re in a state of panic because you haven’t bought all your Christmas presents yet, never fear, Feel Desain is here to help you! The following gifts have been chosen by our team from the huuuge selection at Fancy, and there’s definitely something for...

17.12.2014 | Design, Gadgets | by

Stylish Smartbike | DuBike by Baidu


The ‘DuBike‘ is a smart bike concept being developed by Chinese search engine Baidu. The smart bike, which is also a stylish creation, uses tons of technology in order to make cycling easier, safer, and much more technological.   The built-in app system and...

9.12.2014 | Design, Gadgets | by

Dimmable Backlit Photo Frame


These days, almost everyone considers themselves a smartphone photographer, and Frameworks One by Swedish company Frameworks allows you to turn any image on your phone into framed and backlit artwork. The frames, which are made from sustainably harvested wood, make changing photos easy so...

9.12.2014 | Design, Photo | by