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Make your #Campaign4Change and win a trip to NYC

Make your Campaign4Change and win NYC Feel Desain 02

Eyewear brand Ray-Ban’s latest campaign is #Campaign4Change, a project whose aim is to let everyone share their ideas for how we could all make the world a better place. Participants are encouraged to submit their own Campaign4Change, however outrageous their idea may sound –...

18.5.2015 | Graphic | by

Ninja Turtles anatomy | Nychos


Ninja Turtles’ movie is out. This time with no rubber costumes and tons of CG. And Megan Fox. Besides that, Nychos, one of our favorite street artists, made a painted tribute while in San Francisco.       Don’t forget to follow Feeldesain on Twitter + Facebook  + Pinterest to get...

23.4.2014 | Illustration | by

Interactive NYC Subway | Alexander Chen


At www.mta.me, Conductor turns the New York subway system into an interactive string instrument. Using the MTA’s actual subway schedule, the piece begins in realtime by spawning trains which departed in the last minute, then continues accelerating through a 24 hour loop. The visuals are based on Massimo...

17.2.2014 | App / Digital, Video, Web | by

Stainless | Tokyo & NYC in Slow-Motion


Stainless: Hypnotizing Slow-Motion Footage from Trains Pulling into Stations Adam Magyar filmed the platform at the Shinjiku station in Tokyo at 720p and New York 42 St, 50fps, creating a long, moving portrait that’s totally mesmerizing. You move by groups and throngs of people, all...

22.1.2014 | Video | by

NYC from A Bicycle Seat


Graphic designer Tim Skylarov has made it a point to stop and marvel at the wonders of New York City while riding his bicycle. Skylarov shoots these fast moving scenes from his bicycle, and we are able to view New York City from his shifting point of...

13.1.2014 | Photo | by

NYC Grid | Before & After


New York City is constantly evolving and growing, making it difficult to document every change that has occurred, but NYC Grid is taking a stab at it. Run by Paul Sahner the ambitious website seeks to map the entire city “street by street and...

21.8.2013 | Photo | by

Street Charge | NYC


Good news New Yorkers, ‘Street Charge’—a charging station that turns solar energy into renewable energy for cellphones—will be coming to your city. Developed by design consultancy PENSA, they will be partnering with solar company GoalZero and AT&T to install 25 charging stations across NYC. Designed as a “self-sufficient battery-filled pole”, ‘Street Charge’...

19.6.2013 | Design | by

Foursquare Headquarters NYC


Foursquare checked into its new office in SoHo, New York not too long ago. The headquarters of the social networking company occupies two floors of 28,000 feet each in Cooper Square, 568 Broadway. The lush indoors was designed with the help of Audra Canfield of Designer Fluff, and...

25.3.2013 | Architecture | by

Tweet #evolove NYC Adv


Tweet #evolove with what you love. That’s what Spint, a mobile network, wanted the public to do in a recent social media marketing campaign. The company wanted to promote their new EVO and highlight how the phone could help you do what you love. New York...

NYC by Bike


For the series “NYC By Bike” photographer Tom Olesnevich attached his DSLR to the underside of his bicycle, and then snapped photographs while riding around in various areas of the city. The resulting photographs offer an interesting look at how the rear wheels of bikes see the NYC...

11.12.2012 | Photo | by